Ridgefield Nail Bar

Ridgefield Nail Bar


An aesthetically pleasing nail salon environment. I will be thrilled to return in the near future. Highly recommend Rosa and her colleagues to anyone who would want to partake in this experience.

– Hannah P.

Rosa has been doing my nails for years, and now that she has opened her own salon I am thrilled and will be coming in to choose from a vast array of colors.

- Ashley D.

An enlightening experience that will change the way you perceive nail salons. The atmosphere is calm and serene, and is my go-to place to unwind.

– Julia F.

An exceptionally clean environment accompanied by a wonderful staff.

– Noel D.

I’ve known Rosa for years, and she is the only person I trust for the job. Highly recommend!

– Danielle M.

A relaxing and rejuvenating spa-like experience that helps you remember how important self-care is.

– Genevieve O.

The unique selection of nail polish is so spectacular that I want to go in every week just for a polish change; there are these dusted, jewel-toned polishes that are so intriguing, and will be sure to catch your eye.

– Delia T.

It’s a total Feng shui experience.

– Isabel V.